Monday, November 22, 2010

My Origin Story...

So since my move to Minnesota in the fall of 2005, I quickly gained small notoriety as the kid who wore shorts year round, or my nickname around the University of Minnesota campus, shorts guy. By the time I graduated it was really what I was known as, its kind of interesting at a campus of 50,000 students to stand out, and even see a few editorials mentioning me in the schools newspaper, but as with all things there is an origin story, and my story is no different for this is my Origin Story.

So when I moved to Minnesota in the fall of 2005 it was warm and I was wearing shorts but then slowly in late october the temperature got a little uncomfortable for most people when the thought of wearing shorts came to mind. But for some reason I kept wearing them and then at some point I challenged myself to see if I could keep wearing shorts until December 1st. So I did and then I kept going and mostly it was because I was just more comfortable in shorts and didn't care what others thought of me and I was willing to endure the couple minutes outside to do so. It was about December 8th where I had to venture downtown and run some errands and wore jeans, and that stopped the whole shorts all the time thing, but after coming back after Christmas break, it was considerably warm in Minnesota for January, it was in the 40s or 50s and I decided to where shorts again and then kept it up until the present time. My only exceptions were if I knew I was going to be outside for a while, usually for sledding or skiing, and pants were allowed for formal events as well. Now through the years of wearing shorts in winter has certainly produced some interesting stories one of which I mentioned in a previous blog about Kevin Smith which can be read here. Also there was always the strange looks and comments from professors and fellow students who could not believe that someone would not only do this once but keep doing it no matter how harsh the winter had gotten. It was fun and got to poke fun at myself often like when someone would ask me if it was cold outside, I would just smile and say your asking me? Well... One time I even got an award for best dressed of the year at a Campus Crusade meeting beating out people who actually had fashion sense, but who needs fashion sense when people are trying to figure out how can one humanly possible consistently wear shorts in Minnesota winter.

The other part of my origin story is that in my later years of college I could always be spotted in a huge green winter parka, and here is the origin of how I came to own said parka. I was helping a former mentor of mine named Taylor move out of his house and he was going through old things and actually had this big old green winter jacket and asked if I wanted it, and I said yes because my winter jacket I was growing sick of because it was just too small for me to keep wearing. So it was kind of like the passing of the Green Lanterns ring, in few months that reference will become more understandable after the Green Lantern movie comes out, but it is very unique passing of a torch sort of moment except Taylor was never the shorts in winter type. But I still own that jacket to this day and when it gets cold enough where my 3 hoodies can't hold up to the cold, I will again bust it out and continue the winter tradition.

Now with that in mind, I have been thinking of actually stopping my wearing shorts in the winter as I am now biking to and from work these days, and actually everywhere else for that matter. This is something I've never had to do in the winter as I lived on campus or used public transportation to get to where I need to. And tonight I biked from work and it was below freezing and the ride is a good 20-30 minutes and yes I was in shorts as to be expected. But three quarters into this ride, I had kept thinking if I should keep the shorts thing going. The weird looks downtown are fun but riding home at night is getting just hard to do in shorts, its cold and my legs can bike in the cold only for so long and if I am having these thoughts now, when it gets around zero degrees, how bad will that ride be then pending the roads are not nasty, if they are the plan is take the bus for that given day. I am thinking December 1st, since it is a date that sort is significant in my origin story and have that be my last day in shorts in the winter, and then followed by pants of some kind, not jeans, I hate jeans. Probably wear long underwear and some basketball warm-up type pants and just change into slacks at work. We'll see if I can start to build endurance to handle the cold but all good things must come to an end and my continuous wearing of shorts in the winter might be coming to end and only happen when I dont have to bike too far to where I am going.

Until next time...stay safe

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Think I Learned Something.... or How A Movie About Lesbians Helped Me Learn Why I Suck At Relationships

So tonight I watched the movie called The Four Faced Liar a movie about relationships and lesbianism. I really enjoyed it, definitely worth Netflixing, especially if your into the indie scene, its worked its way around the festival circuit and finally hit DVD for those of us who live in areas where the festivals aren't up to par. I know Minneapolis has a few film festivals but we never get the Indie films I really want to see.

Anyway I am not here to review the film, I am writing because the film made me realize why I am so horrible at my own personal relationships despite the fact friends have told me I give such good advice on relationships and how to handle them.

There is a scene in the film where the main lesbian, Bridget and her straight friend Molly are talking and Molly asks Bridget why doesn't she want a girlfriend, and Bridget responds with the fact that people don't keep her interested, and Molly asks Bridget what if someone kept you interested and Bridget responds with something along the lines of her policy of not having a girlfriend would change. This is so like me because I get bored of most people a lot of the time. This also struck me because people don't keep me interested, I have floated in and out of so many groups of friends over the years, I am shocked this didn't dawn on me sooner, or at least not the fact of putting all the pieces together. Even people I have dated have bored me after awhile and then it just ends, so I basically have to find someone who always keeps me interested which would basically be the female version of me, and I find that impossible because I have far too many quirks and weird nerdy interests that distract me from a developing a long lasting realationship.

This isn't me whining and complaining about being single, I still enjoy the single life, but I am just glad I now know that I either A have to be really picky in a girl to date so I don't get bored with them or B just wait for someone as cynical as me and who has opinion on films and not just one of those I like most films people, because no offense to those who are, but talking movies with them is impossible because they act as if very few bad films exist. That could get me on a whole other subject that would be bound to make everyone made because I would diss people and movies that people love for some reason that is far beyond me, maybe next time.

So in short, lesbians taught me that people bore me and thus I don't date people that long, whatevs

Until next time...stay safe.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Rise of Leslie Vernon Certainly Rises to the Occasion

Today I watched Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, I got it from Netflix this weekend in hope it would not be a horror movie that would disappoint me, because recently I watched Drag Me to Hell and The Descent and their endings disappointed me. So I took a game on a more indie horror film in hopes that it would not disappoint and WOW did it ever NOT disappoint. This movie was impressive. As a fan of horror and slasher flicks this movie was just what the genre needed. Its a movie that is aware of its genre. Later I will go into spoilers but for now I will just give overall impressions of the film.

The film is really enjoyable, it gets a little dull at one point in the film but picks up really quickly, the dull point almost acts like a quiet before the storm. Like Scream, it goes into the stereotypes of previous slasher films but instead of being from a victims point of view, it goes over those stereotypes from the killers perspective, something that in thought is very difficult to do on film but this film does it in a very different type of storytelling for a horror film, combing documentary look along with typical movie look, and switching between the two.

From here on out I will be discussing plot details and spoilers so this is your SPOILER ALERT. I don't completely giveaway the plot and ending, but I make reference to a few things that are better left secret until you watch the film.

The films lead actor is really great as Leslie Vernon. He seems so relatable on the surface despite the fact he is a serial killer his personality is so friendly, like someone you would go hang out with at the bar. But he still takes his job very seriously and understands his purpose. And the fact that he has a mentor who is a retired slasher killer himself is hilarious and just genius.

The half documentary half cinematic way of storytelling is executed very well in this film, when explaining it to people I can just imagine it will sound so weird but when they see they will totally understand but when telling a story that is just an giagantic homage to all the classic slasher films, it makes sense that they would choose such a non-traditional way of storytelling for a film. In a world where slasher films seem so predictable and overdone, this one takes the genre and makes it fresh by putting a new twist on things and truly telling it from the killers perspective in how we see the preparation and how a killer stays in shape and even complaining about difficult it is to stay in shape to be able to chase people all the time.

The storytelling in this movie I will admit is not perfect and even gets dull when Taylor, the female documentarian pokes her nose where it don't belong by going to the diner where Kelly, but slowly the movie picks up when Leslie's big plan is put into motion, and all heck breaks loose when it is Leslie was playing certain people a fool all along. That part is so brilliant because if it had not been for that the movie would have gotten boring real fast, but Mr. Vernon is such a clever one now isn't he?

Overall I loved this movie and it really shines in an age where most horror films are either the same ol same ol or are just out there to gross you out. In a way it refreshes and re-invents the slasher genre into something new and original that horror fans haven't really seen before. The character of Leslie Vernon is a different slasher killer that is aware of the precedent left by Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddie Krueger and knows what it takes to be up there in their ranks but can still be his own character and do his own thing. The film is an homage to horror movie fans but tries to take the slasher genre into a new age and certainly accomplishes it. I Highly Recommend checking it out.

Until Next Time...Stay Safe

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sonic oh Sonic where art thou Sonic that I once loved?

Earlier tonight I wrote an email the Sega Shiro Podcast discussing what I thought of the current state of how Sonic is received in the gaming community and what has changed, I thought it would make a good blog post for the few and probably not so proud who read my blog. So I present it in unedited form here.

Hey guys I have been listening to your podcast and wished I could get excited about Sonic 4 as much as you guys but sadly I dont own an iphone or any of the newer consoles, at least not yet, if there is a deal on a PS3 on black friday, I'll get one as I want to make the upgrade to Blu Ray. But the release of Sonic 4 has gotten me thinking about how much Sega has made Sonic so unlikeable to us old school Sega nerds who have always been that one guy in a circle friends who have defended Sega and Sonic as better than other companies and mascots and still do but deep down I know that Sega in the last decade has become a very different company in how it treats its characters and fans of those characters.

For example, back in 2003 it was announced Sega was working on a Vectorman next generation game, this got me excited at the time and the video of the gameplay looked like it was going to be a blast from the past like none other. But sadly it was later cancelled leaving me sad that one of my favorite lesser known Sega characters was going to stay that way for a while.

Now lets look at what Sega has done to Sonic in the last decade. After Sonic Adventure, which most Sonic fans agree, as I do as well, is a great Sonic game and when we all first played thought it showed promise that Sonic would be able to continue to thrive in the 3D gaming world as the gameplay was spectacular.

But then came Sonic Adventure 2 and though it wasn't as great as Sonic Adventure 1 it was enjoyable, but looking back it was the start of a dark age where Sonic games, lets just admit sucked more and more as time went on.

There have been a few fun games, like the game titled Sonic the Hedgehog but camera issues and strange story held it back from being a great game.

That's another point, why do they have to stick silly stories into these games, I don't want silly side missions and stuff, this all started when they made Sonic collect flickys in Sonic 3D Blast, which in my opinion is the worse Sonic game of the 16-bit era, partially due to this added feature.

But between the sill adventure on the Wii and the final nail in the Sonic we all knew and loved's coffin is Sonic transforming to a Werehog, that is gotta be the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a Sonic game and one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in any video game. Is this what had to happen to make Sega realize just give us a Sonic game like the good ol days,

I still think Sonic CD is the best Sonic game ever made, between the soundtrack, the massive levels, and just superb fun gameplay, it is really a shock that the only recent incarnation of this games availability is on the Sonic Gems collection on the Gamecube, and has yet to show up in any online store for digital download.

I know this email doesn't really follow any form and changes topics faster than Tiger Woods changes the women in his bed, but you see my point on how Sega has made Sonic games, not as fun as they once were, and yes it is in part due them being third party now but that is a lame excuse when they could still make them fun even if the controls are different among consoles. It's sad and as a longtime Sega fan and retro gamer I feel the Sonic games we expect to be made probably wont happen again.

Yes I haven't played it because its not on a console I own these days (I'm a PC and that is about it for current gaming) but from what I see from videos and review it seems like a last attempt to re-establish the awe that was Sonic The Hedgehog.

The Sega Shiro Podcast (which is who I sent this to) can be found at

Until next time...Stay safe

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Ramblings About Dating and Being Honest

So tonight I watched the movie Kick-Ass and I was going to write a post about how the movie shows how guns are the real villian in our society, but then when I got down to type it up and really did not feel like making an argument like that.  Instead I'll just free write about whatever is on my mind or has been on it lately.

The subject of dating has been on my mind, because I have felt from many sources lately, including my own twisted subconscious pressured to seek someone out, but really I shouldn't.  I am about to enter a new chapter of my life where I am more independent and  on my own and even more becoming my own person.  But whether it be friends who seem to be happy while they are in relationships, especially those who are married or are getting married, they kind of make me feel inferior because they seem to have it all together with their happily ever after mentality and just make single people feel awkward with their cuddly antics, though that’s usually with couples who are in the first couple of months because they don't know any better and consider it normal.  Well its not normal its annoying more than anything, would you act that way in front of your parents or grandparents. NO so don't do it around your friends, all it makes single friends think is, (as I sort of quote Scott Pilgrim vs The World) if your relationship had a face, I would punch it in the face, and I would too, to some of my friends who are dating. 

Next point, horrible transition but my brain thinks 2 paragraphs ahead of my typing hands so whatever else I had to say on the topic will have to be said another day.  Something I've noticed lately, maybe this is showing the flaws in the Minnesota Nice I am surrounded by but, why in the heck can no one be honest with people.  Maybe its MN Nice or just one of the social groups I hang out with (and you know who you are) but people don't seem to be able to speak their mind on certain topics with people.  I even fall victim to this because there are things I want to say to certain people but I can't because I know they wouldn't take it that well or hate me forever, but when I am honest and speak my mind, at least I can be an honest friend to someone and not lie to their face by hiding behind a smiling face and not criticize them when they are making a huge mistake or just messing up in general.  But it bothers me when people take offense at honest thoughts, I don't get it.  Its just sad, I lied all the time as a kid but when I grow up and want to tell the truth all the time, then some of the people I surround myself with want to be lied to instead of being told the truth.

And some who know me would make the argument, “Adam you are just a rude person with very little tact and can't convey the truth in a loving manner.”  My answer to that gobbly-gook is when you tell the truth in a nice way, people tend to sugar coat and only tell half-truths, and I say to heck with that and be full on honest so people take note, pay attention and get the truth they deserve.

If you read this and thought this was really cryptic, you're actually right and to those who think this blog is about you, you are probably right as well.

Until next time...stay safe

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Words of Affirmation Can Go A Long Way

So I go from blogging almost every day in a week to nothing at all, I'm so consistent. But I wanted to write about the awesome small group meeting I was at on Thursday night. It was about small groups in general because the sermon at our church this past Sunday was about small groups as well, and sort gauging the future of ours, and the final part of it was going around in a circle and having people in the group tell what qualities they appreciated about every person in the group. How we did it is we started on a person and everyone gave their comments on that one person and then we moved on the person next to them. Most people in this small group have been in it much long than me, I've only been in it since January and a lot of the people in the group have known each other much longer. As we are going around in the circle, I am worried that people won't have many good things to say about me, because I didn't think they knew me that well. Everyone is getting a good amount of good comments as we go around, and then it comes to me, and wow were my worries for naught because they gave me so many great words of affirmation, the following is a list of ones I could remember.

  • I show up for things, if someone has something scheduled I show up, and one of the leaders of the group said that our pastor once said leaders show up.
  • I don't complain that much despite the fact I was unemployed for almost 3 months and that I got hit by a car, I didn't complain that much
  • Someone I commented that I am a very bold person, she used the recent example of a wedding some of us went to and I went on the dance floor, not knowing anyone on the dance floor and just threw down, and they said I show that in different areas and that I am able to put myself out there.
  • I was told I am passionate about my dreams, specifically going into a radio, a dying medium, but I am highly passionate about getting into that field
  • I made it work by fitting into the group despite the fact so many of the bonds in the group were of years ago and when most people in the group lived in Iowa, I somehow found a way to flow and fit into the group.
  • I remember things about people and use that to help people out, whether it be movies people wanted to see and letting them borrow them even though they didn't ask or seeing articles of little things people are into.

There might have been a few more I forgot but those words of affirmation were really good to hear. Its not everyday I get to hear that many kind things that people like about me and my personality. It really makes me feel good to know I'll be living here a bit longer and get to see these people more because if I had to leave them now and move back to Michigan, it would be very disappointing. This made my week and I don't think any of them read this but if they do, I hope they know how great it is to know I have good friends who appreciate me more than I even realized.

Things On The Horizon...

Pending the writing muses keep me wanting to write and don't give me writers block I want to start doing some video game writing on here, recently heard a podcast by some long tenured video gamers like myself who are a little older than me but like me appreciate the new and the old school video games. Most of my writings will be about older games, I play new games but enough to review them and I very rarely buy a new game when it launches, last time I did that was Prototype in June of 2009, and only because I had been waiting a year and a half for that game to come out since I saw the game play preview on G4.

Possibly I want to do some writing about animation as well, its a passion of mine, and has been for over a decade and really want to get my thoughts out there. We'll see though, quite a few times I have planned for things to do on the Internet and they don't pan out but hopefully with writing it will be different.

Thats all for this late Saturday night blog.

Until next time...stay safe

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Analyzing My 7 Day Challenge And Other Things

So I failed my own personal challenge to blog everyday for week, moving is certainly the cause of this but if I really wanted to I could have posted something but it wouldn't have been quality, and I am always about quality over quantity. So I am moved into a house that I resided in last summer with people I know but really don't hang out with that much anymore, it refers to my previous post about hanging out with older people. It shows in interests immediately as I am out on the porch writing this drinking a Crown Royal and Mexican Coca-Cola mix, I call it Red Velvet, and they are inside playing board games and making cupcake. Their idea of a fun night is not my idea of a fun night almost at all. Making cupcakes is fun but its more fun to serve them for a party or get together, not just spur of the moment bake and eat, I can see that as a fun and spontaneous every once and a while but these people do it a lot, it loses its appeal fast.

I am really tired and beat from biking around the cities today, I biked to church, a coffee shop down the street called Muddsuckers, uptown, and the quarry target. One would think I would take it easy after the amount of energy I spent moving stuff into storage and the house I am living at now, nope nothing stops this machine, but its the end of the weekend and I work again tomorrow, which will be nice but I feel I'll need 8-10 hours to be ready to start the week. New commute tomorrow means I'll leave too early for when I should but oh well, we'll see what happens.

This is just rambling about my day at this point, again I'm really tired and my brain is not at its usual writing capacity to write a well structured blog, this one is more stream of consciousness.

To analyze this week I am really impressed at the blog posts I wrote this week, since I have netflix I will try to do one movie related blog post a week, that will keep me writing. I like writing poetry from time to time and definitely feel I could post some on this blog to keep some variety in the reading, and then of course there should be the occasional random rant on some topic that is current and possibly not. I think I like this format better for stating my opinion, rather than making a You Tube video, I still don't know what I am going to do with that account, they just upped the allowance for upload time from 10 minutes to 15, so soon I will post my short film Dorm Of The Dead later, probably after the move to Northeast Minneapolis when I am settled in with a desk and hard drives will be setup.

Until next time...stay safe

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why most relationships don't work OR Adam trying to act like he is a relationship expert when he can't date a girl for more than 2 month (its true)

So as someone who gives relationship advice to friends and acquaintances who seem in need of some help in their relationships I figure it would be a good idea to give my thoughts on why I think most relationships don't work and usually end with someone getting hurt. Basically it boils down to people not being on the same page. Now for those who don't like analogies or metaphors, I'll make it even easier for you to understand. People need to be at the same exact commitment level in the relationship for most of the time while being in a relationship with the other person or it won't work. It for example the girl is way more committed to the relationship working than the guy it will end, probably at the fault of the guy saying or doing something that the girl thinks is completely wrong for this very serious and committed relationship. Now if two people are on the same commitment level for the majority of the time spent in the relationship, it will probably end up in marriage.

Lets use a recent relationship I had as an example. This girl named Erin and I dated for almost 2 months, and it was and still is my longest lasting relationship I've ever had so far. Now at the start me and Erin were on the same commitment level but then there grew a disdain for each others life goals and future plans, and she got upset because whenever she said, she could see herself living in a certain area, I would say, I could never see myself there, which is true, one time it was Montana, who wants to move there? There is nothing there, just mountains, I would move there if I wanted no one to bother me at all. So towards the end of the relationship, she mentioned this isn't working and pointed out examples like that, and I said who knows where either of us we'll end up but maybe this will work for the time being. That was stupid to say because then all the next week I knew I had to end this and I did the next Friday I think it was and we basically talked each other into relationship because she felt some of the same anxiety and we finally the first time in awhile on the same page and both knew we should not be together because it wasn't going to go anywhere.

I know this is one example and every relationship is different in numerous ways but honeslty it always boils down to commitment level. Not both people to need to be all in to the relationship for it to work, if you both want moderate commitment it will work. The problem always comes when one wants more commitment and the other isn't willing to reciprocate. Look at any relationship, look at when they start to fall apart, its when one wants something in the relationship that the other doesn't, simply said.

Is there more to it, probably but when you boil it down to brass tax, that is what makes and breaks relationships, so when you feel a difference in commitment level from your significant other over a long a period of time, week to a month, time to cut her loose. Unless he/she says she has some things to sort and really is sort things out in his/her mind, that commitment level you once had, probably won't be re-kindled, it happens thats life.

Until next time...Stay Safe

Thoughts on the Brain and Dreams brought on by Inception

So I fell behind on my posting everyday but I will double post today to make up for it. Last night I saw Inception and after sleeping on it and thinking about it I want to free write about some of its logic and ideas it brings up.

If you havent seen the movie, it might be best not to read it as I don't really spoil much of the the movie but the post gives you an idea what the movie is about, and its best if you watch the movie with little knowledge about it as possible. But its up to you.

So the movie brings up logic about dreams and how the brain constructs entire cities out of nothing for your dreams and that it is difficult to remember the beginning of a dream and the brain can usually only remember the end of the dream and then that thought memory fades away. Dreams can be complex and feel like they are really long why is that? I feel our brains are doing so much more work while dreaming and why does it do it? Why not rest and actually go into a true sleep mode? Imagine if our computers did more work when they were off than while they were on, some of them would overheat and burn up and we wouldn't know what it is doing while it overheated.

And if you think about dreams in a movie making way, our brains are the best special effects artists of all, making you think your dreams are all too real. I know I have had a dream or too when I think its real, and wish it wasn't because of the circumstances I find myself in the dream. In the dream world, I have committed so many crimes and been in so much trouble its a good thing I don't remember most of the time what exactly I did, I usually just wake up and thank God it was all just dream because I wake up still having that lingering feeling of knowing I did something wrong or that I was in trouble, but at the same time it fades away because I am back in the real world, where everything is fine.

It is simply impressive that it is the year 2010 and we still have little understanding on how the brain works with dreams and why it does. I almost think that we are not supposed to know because if we did it might unlock more brainpower than ever possible before. If the brainpower possible while dreaming was achieved while awake the world would become a very different place and possibly a scary one to live in. Who knows what would be possible?

Don't think too hard on this one, it might just hurt a little.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letting Go of Memories Lost and Gone and Leaving Behind What Once Was

Who you are now is not who you were

Forget about the times that caused you pain and anguish

Leave behind those you have crossed you and those who caused you nothing but grief

Never to connect with them again and see how they are

Why keep going back to those that hurt, bored, or just didn't seem to enrich your life?

When you can move on and look forward to people to inspire you and make life more enjoyable.

Even as I say these things, I realize these things are very difficult to do

As even I struggle with bad memories that wont go away, but try and move on,

But in the end it will make things better

Now let go...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Housing Issues At The Current Moment

So the place where I live hasn't been the most enjoyable this year, between roommates who I don't really hang out with and the drama they built between one and another, which I happily stayed out of. At the start of my search for a place to live which started a little over a week ago I decided to live that I want my own place and live alone for the year and possibly longer, and in Northeast Minneapolis because I really love the area and friends I've made from church live there.

But of course, this cant be simple at all the following factors are keeping this from being simple.

Now a few people have said they want to live with me or would consider it if given the right place to live in, which if I go that route would make rent cheaper.

If I were to move in to a place at the start of august, I don't know that I would have enough money to cover the deposit and first month of rent.

The person I would live with is my friend Jessica and she wants to live in the suburbs, we've found an apartment in Roseville that we will both look at and if we were to live together most likely it would be there, and the commute for me would be a very long bike ride or a over time very costly daily bus ride. NE Minneapolis would be easier because everything I do is in Minneapolis.

I've started making plans to find a temp place to live in August because it gives me more time and would allow me to choose the single apartment which after thinking about it tonight, I think is what I'll go with in the end even if the Roseville apartment is end all be all amazing, because I grew up with my own room in a house with my mom, and this would be the final step to finally and fully becoming independent, because in ways you depend on roomates, and being an only child growing up and sort of loner in many ways in high school, I like to be self sufficient and it would be good to fully do that, still would be without a car but I could save for that over time and make this single apartment the cozy home to myself I've always wanted.

We'll see what happens, hopefully I am lead to an opportunity that allows me a place to live for August, because that would be amazing, not going to lie, if you are of the praying type, pray that God leads me to path in this housing difficulty to be able to have everything work, otherwise just send positive thoughts.

Thats all for today until tomorrow...Stay Safe.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life With Older People

So I have challenged myself to blog everyday for a week and next Sunday I'll blog again and see what blogging everyday for a week has done for me and my writing. Today I'm just going to rant randomly.

So lately I have noticed I really don't enjoy being around many people who are my age, those that are slightly older, I enjoy their company more. This has to be due to the fact of the last 12 months being just hard on me mentally, being unemployed twice, living on my own, changing churches and making new friends while basically leaving others behind. (Its so true I only talk to 2 people from The Rock at all anymore, sad but true) Dating a girl for 2 months, which in hindsight was too long, I don't regret it because I did learn a thing or two of what I want in a woman, that blog is almost done, and realized women my age, for the most part, are kind of boring.

So yea older people make better friends in my mind, especially the ones I have made in the small group I go to regularly at Mercy Vineyard, its great but there is a disconnect to a certain degree because all the men who regularly attend all are married. Yes they've been through what I'm going through, but they aren't right now and its different dynamic, when seeking advice, they seem like wise men to go to rather compadres who I am going through life with. Thats just my one complaint other than that its fantastic.

So the dating life has been complicated as of late, and the being friends with older people is basically a setup for this section of this piece. In short I've been inadvertantly cougar hunting. Yep in the past few weeks I've been on a date with a 30 year old, a 35 year old, and 25 year old (though due to the fact she parties and smokes too much she looks older than the other two). Ironically enough the dates with the older 2 women were more successful than the 25 year old, she wasn't my type at all, we'll leave it at that. Things didn't work out with the 30 year old, and just today was the first date with the 35 year old, though I didn't feel a real spark between us and forsee us as being just friends, it wasnt the age difference it was just that I didn't feel an attraction at all between us, have no idea what she felt, we just hung out and talked all day.

There got that out of me. Friends are telling me I am cougar hunting, though one friend told me, maybe you're being cougar hunted. I like that more because it makes me feel more awesome in some weird twisted way.

I continue training at my job tomorrow, basically just listening to phone calls since its at a call center, we'll see how it goes. I like it so far, and the people I work with are fun to chat and BS with, we'll see how it turns out.

I guess thats it, I still don't know how to end these blogs properly other than saying...

Stay safe folks

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thoughts on Why I Identify With and Am A Huge Fan Of Kevin Smith

So throughout my years of maturing and growing up I have really been influenced on the works of Kevin Smith and I fully realized this tonight while watching his third filmed Q&A that I got on Netflix this weekend.

Seeing how he interacts with fans and meeting him despite the fact he is a millionaire and successful filmmaker, he has an everyday man personality that everyone can relate to on way or another. Hearing him speak on certain topics and situations he has been in, he is reacting very similarly to how I would imagine I would react. For example, the whole getting kicked off the plane situation a few months back. He wasn't really bothered at the fact that he was sort of attacked it was about another heavy-set person was treated in a similar way on the same flight, thats when he got mad and took it personally. I definitely identify with that, because I've been through a sort of similar situation. Last fall, a person, lets call them Marty, made a close friend of mine cry in a public place, and I was more mad at Marty than the friend who was made to cry. My close friend understood why I took it so persnally and eventually I ended the grudge I had with Marty but it was a good 7 months where I wasn't talking to this person because we were friends at one point but we had a falling out before this event but this made me furious.

Basically my point is people can do whatever they so choose to me in terms of ridicule and how they act toward me, because I've been through hellish situations and have just conditioned my mind and heart to go through whatever is thrown at it. But the moment someone crosses a good friend of mine in a negative manner, I become what most would consider overprotective, but I just become irate and furious with the person, I don't really express it to them, but if it comes up in conversation, then my frustrations come out, so lesson is don't mess with my friends.

Where was I...oh yea Kevin Smith

I also relate to Kevin by way of humor, which is a huge part of my life. In fact growing up as a teen, his films helped form parts of my sense of humor, which helps in my great personality that, I feel, people seem to like and gravitate towards when meeting them. His films are hilarious because they are about regular people in not too farfetched of plots, excpet Zac and Miri and Dogma, stuff in his movies is totally possible. His movies seem to be about the human spirit and how people deal with each other. I like that for some reason.

Lastly, out of all the celebrities I follow and keep tabs on, Kevin Smith seems to really care about his fans, his Q&A's are absolutely a blast to be at, they are always classified as stand up shows, but all they are a 5-10 minute opening and then Kevin fielding questions from the audience for 2-6 hours, depending on the venue's allowance of time. I've been to two of them, one in 2006 at St. Cloud State, where I got to meet him and go on stage and explain my bracelets to him and 3,000 people in the arena. It was a surreal experience.

How the story goes is I got in line early and asked a question that he went on for 20 minutes on, which made me glad that my question provided him the opportunity to tell such a long story. Before I asked my question, I gave him props for wearing for also wearing shorts in such a harsh Minnesota winter. Mind you it was -40 outside, one of the coldest nights I've ever been out in Minnesota, and his response was, “you're wearing them too? Yea we're both fucking retarded.” This was one of two moments that made my night because Kevin Smith, one of my favorite famous people, put him and myself in the same category, not the most glorious of categories, but for that brief moment I was the same class as him. I asked my question which was about his involvement with the Green Hornet film and that was that.

Then my new friend Rebecca, who I met on the message boards on Kevin's website, sounds normal now but back in 2006, it was out of the ordinary for me. She asked one of the last questions and after getting an answer asked for me and her to get a photo with him, which he totally obliged.

After that he made a comment to the audience about my bracelets and I was walking away and turned my head back and he was looking at me, and I asked him if he wanted me to explain them to him, and he said yea. After doing, 2 years of journalistic work, I don't get starstruck anymore, but back then I so totally did. Holding up my hands and telling Kevin and the audience what each of my bracelets meant, made my hands shake, it was crazy. I will always remember this moment, partially because I have an audio recording of it, but also because he was the biggest celebrity I had ever met, before then I had met Dan Marino, but Kevin Smith in my mind, is a bigger deal. I just remember sitting down with Rebecca after explaining my bracelets, and just being on cloud 9. So awesome of an experience.

As I was walking off stage and sitting back in my chair, he made a remark that when he was growing up, guys would collect braclets for every BJ they got from a girl, and asked from a distance as I was in my sweet, is that what their also for? I yelled and shook my head no.

I saw him again live in 2009, and didn't plan on seeing him because I was unemployed and had little money to spend on tickets. But the Minnesota Daily had a giveaway for some tickets, and I won a pair so me and my friend Jessica went and had a blast.

For a movie director to interact with his fans, whether it be QandAs or how he used to do it which is on his websites message boards, and nowadays Twitter. Even after all these years he still respects his fans and loves interacting with them. I feel it keeps him straight and helps him enjoy the life he has, because being able to keep in touch with his fans as he does, helps him know where he comes from.

So I guess thats my thoughts on Kevin Smith and why I am a fan of him.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Bike Accident and the Events That Followed After

So I've told a lot of people this story but I wanted to make sure I had all the details down in on place to refer back to when I keep telling this story time after time.

On, June 12, 2010, I was riding down 4th ST into NE Minneapolis on a light rainy Saturday to a baby shower when upon crossing Central and 4th I pass an alley and before I realize to stop a car comes out of this alley quickly and T-bones my bike sending me off of it. At this point I should note I wasn't wearing a helmet and blacked out upon impact of the ground I'm assuming. I wake up to the woman driving the car in tears, on her knees, at my side, and apologizing for hitting me. I get the sense people are rushing over to see the accident and seeing if they can help, someone calls 911 and I try to get up but can't because my right arm is in pain, very soon the ambulance arrives and I am a little more with it but still not completely out of the daze I was in.

A cop arrives first, I remember and asks me for my name and if he wants to call anyone, and I thought to call Adam, whose wife's baby shower I was on my way to, but thought not yet, I can wait til I'm in the ambulance for that. They ask me where I live and what hospital I want to be taken to, I tell them fairview because it is closest to my house, but they thought HCMC would be a better choice. The EMT, whose name escapes me, I asked for it but have forgotten it, she was really nice though, she helps me up into the ambulance and I am told to lay down on the stretcher, she hooks an IV into me and knows that my arm is in pain and tells me not to move it. I pull out my phone and ask her if she could call my friend Adam and tell him whats going on. She does and that alarmed some people at the party, I felt bad because I was bringing my Sega Genesis over so the guys had something to do while the women did what women usually do at baby showers. After she gets done talking to Adam on the phone she says he said tell me, to give him a call when I am done in the hospital and he would pick me up.

I then realize the cost of an ambulance ride is a lot and I let out a slight groan and the EMT asks whats wrong, and I say I just realized all this is going to cost me a lot because I don't have health insurance, and she assures me the lady who hit me, her car insurance should cover most of it. That calms me down a lot, and it was now or slightly before, the EMT asks me my info and what day it is, to make sure I don't have amnesia. And soon enough we arrive at Hennepin County Medical Center, or HCMC for short. I had never rode in an ambulance or been moved on a stretcher before, so all this was kind of cool because it was a new to me.

They set me in a room and moved me from stetcher to hospital bed, my room wasn't a real hospital room, it was one with a curtain so I could hear my “neighbors” and they had going on. So I had a doctor come in and assess the situation and see what was going on, then he sent in a male nurse and later another nurse came in and I think this where they gave me a liquid pain killer for what was no known that it was my elbow that was in pain. Then a girl named Sarah came in and took a survey that was taken to help with the hospital judging the relationship between pain paitients experience and quality of care given. She was nice to see and chat with because she was my age and I could relate to her and she came in every half hour to do this survey. I later found out she was a student at Mcallister College and the survery thing was her summer job and she was majoring in public health, but career wise was thinking of becoming a mid-wife.

So 30 minutes pass and nobody comes to check up on me and I know I am supposed to get an x-ray on my arm but must be a busy day. With all this time to myself I pull out my phone and try to find a way to watch the world cup match between the USA and England. I tried a few broadcasts on the Ustream android app but none of them worked right. So I searched for an Espn Radio stream that was broadcasting the game. Sarah comes in again and asks a few more questions and asks about the score of the World Cup game and it was 1-1 at halftime. She leaves then a kid doing the same job as Sarah, heard the broadcast from my phone and had to ask for the score. I thought it was great 10 minutes of listening to the match and two hospital workers had already asked me for the score.

So more time passes but a nurse checks in with me and I am taken to get an x-ray, I get it done and it was so weird being told by the radiologist to hold still and my very tender elbow is being put in positions that are kind of painful to be in, and I'm trying to hold it still but its in pain no matter what the position so it has the slight shakes and I guess I did ok because later I didn't hear anything about taking bad x-rays.

So after x-rays I go back and wait what seems too long for the x-rays to turn up and the doctors get a look at them and say everything is good, but they wanted to get the final say from the radiologist. And until we heard back from the radiologist I couldn't get a glass of water because x-rays are better done on empty stomachs, mind you I hadn't had anything to eat, maybe some water before I left my house initially which was 2 hours ago at this point. I was really thirsty but I guess I had to wait. So after another visit from Sarah, who was asking my satisfaction of the care and pain level. Also it was about this time a male nurse who wasn't working on me and was in his late 40s-early 50s, but did hear about what happened, stopped by to tell about his bad experience as a biker in the cities and how he got hit once and the driver drove away. It was sad to hear and made me feel better, that the driver was really caring in my situation.

Little later on, they heard from the radiologist and said everything was ok, which I wasn't surprised because almost every single x-ray I have ever had, has been negative, I guess all that milk and orange juice my mom made me drink paid off by having strong bones. So at this point, one of the doctors, who tells me I should go to a clinic in a week for a check up on my elbow, and she could see me because she works at that clinic, and that they are going to prescribe me vicodin, and everyone who comes in after that, warns me about it, I've heard it from friends. But that doctor got some antiseptic spray and cleaned up my wounds with a sponge.

Then Kathy came in, I remember her name because she made the whole experience really fun, she was an older woman, possibly in her 50s, maybe 60s. She brought this computer to register me, and it she finds out the hospital messed up in how they registered me as Michael Wells, and not Adam Wells, Michael is middle name, now you all know. So she had to go through get all my info, gave me some info on getting qualified for financial aid for medical bills for people who are unemployed, and other forms. But she was just honest about her job and how she felt, and she felt some people don't like her there and that some of the docs are out to get her, but at this time Adam called and she said it was okay to take the call but she still asked for my info to enter into the computer and it was hard balancing both conversations, and she overheard me and Adam talking about going to the police station to pick up my bike because he had access to car with a bike rack, and the way Kathy heard it, she thought I was going to ride my bike home that day. After the phone call I explained no, no, no, and I told what was actually going to happen. I can't convey the enjoyment she gave me seeing someone honest about how they felt about their job, actually at their job, it was hilarious to me.

I was given a sling and my prescription and sent on my way, and Adam arrived just as I was about to sit down in the lobby to wait for him. Then we went and got my bike from the police station. And hung out with Adam and his wife, Kara, and friends for the rest of the day and night.

So I get home and have to figure out really fast how to do things with my left hand. The most difficult I found was sleeping. I usually sleep on my right side, and it was definitely not happening with this injured elbow, and I had a very sleepless night trying on my back and on my left side, my body just had to get used to it and I hope it will in the next few days. But I did find while trying to sleep, Icy Hot is so far the best relief for the pain on my elbow, feels oh so good on it.

So besides going to church and going through a morning routine and getting used to limited access to my right arm, the weirdest thing was taking two Vicodin tablets and just gettting really drowsy and falling asleep during the Australia vs Germany World Cup match. I woke up, my elbow didnt hurt...until I tried to move it.

So thats the tale of my bike accident and some of the events that followed it. Leave a comment if you have any further questions about it.

Until next...stay safe, because I certainly will try to.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-Tourney Thoughts on the World Cup

So I've noticed I haven't written about sports since starting this blog back in January, yea I know I dont post regularly, so what? But sports are huge passion and my first sports blog is about the World Cup which is soccer which is my least favorite sport ironically enough. So I have a few thoughts on the World right before it starts in 8 hours from when I started writing this.

So from what I have heard and briefly read America actually has a shot at the field of 16 this year. Which is a bold statement since America has England in their pool but with injuries and not being as good as they were in past years, England isn't looking to all that hot this year. Also I was reminded of the fact that USA fell just short of winning the gold medal in hockey at this years winter olympics (which I watched with my then girlfriend at the time who fell asleep watching the game, we broke up a month later, I wonder why) they couldn't get the miracle done maybe America can pull of a World Cup victory and make the whole rest of the world mad because mens soccer is the last frontier America has yet to conquer, and in all honesty they probably won't, but I would make for an amazing story to unravel through the next month of soccer.

In past years I have cared so less for the World Cup because I really didn't like soccer but I think honesty since friending a soccer player back in college, soccer became more noticeable and apparent to me. Mind I won't go out of my way to watch it, well maybe with the world cup because nothing else is on until the Tour de France starts July 3rd and unless my story book tale comes true America will be long gone out of the tournament by then and I won't be watching, maybe I'll root for Ireland aka The Motherland in my book (YAY Irish roots) are they any good in the World Cup? Maybe if they have some Irish coffee to start the day off.

Other than that I don't care too much for the World Cup, I know I should because it brings a sort of unity among each country and the world as we all tune into this one athletic event. I just bored by soccer, anytime I watch it, I just feel Eh? Change the channel. I honestly feel if America had better announcers for soccer, it would have more attention, but can you name one famous American Soccer broadcaster? No you can't, your first thought is probably the Spanish guy who screams GOOOOOAAAALLLL!!! And then you realize you've never sat through an entire soccer match on television, why? Because of no good announcers. If they let Gus Johnson, who probably doesnt know much about soccer, announce, I guarantee you ratings for soccer in America would double, because the announcer makes the boring parts of a game just as interesting as the intense parts.

Wow I start of with World Cup and end on Gus Johnson, if you don't who Gus Johnson is, first off shame on you, secondly google some videos of his play by play its A-MAZING.

My last thought is basically me saying how one music video on the YouTube is the only reason I feel I am excited at all for the World Cup. Its pretty amazing and the song accompaning the video is just as awesome, watch the video leave a comment on this blog and tell me your thoughts on the World Cup, or even if you care to watch the World Cup.

Until next time...stay safe

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why Do People Give Up On Their Dreams?

So today I ran into an old friend, and she was graduated from college and working as a waitress at a local estabilishment. It made me start to wonder and even after 9 miles of biking after seeing her I was still thinking about it. Most people who go to college have dreams and aspirations. But after we toss the caps in the air we either go after those dreams full force or just fall into a system in the regular normal working world. What exactly happens to those who give up on those dreams? Why do they give up on those dreams?

I can give some insight as its been a year since I graduated and I'm certainly in a similar boat but after losing my data entry I am focusing on what career I want to pursue, which is in radio, and after a rough first year out of college I have some thoughts to write about on this topic.

Life goals that come are pursued by a lot of us but through the way life goes, I feel some of us find something we value more than what we aspired to be. Whether it be a special someone, another calling, or a group of friends you want to stick with more than getting that illustrious career. With that in mind, I have to say I really do enjoy the friends I have that have put up with me through tough times and still find me enjoyable after all the time I've known them. But if this year of being much more anti-social has taught me anything, its that I can find new friends I did this year and am very happy hanging out with them. But I know I can find just as much joy with new people if I have to move for a new job. I guess its the independent only child rearing its head in my voice because though I know I need good people in my life I know I can find more wherever I go.

People who blame the system or economy for not being in the career they wanted have a little more explaining to do. From what I've noticed, because I've even fell victim to this, is people like the independence they have achieved and like the place they live in that they get too comfortable and aren't willing. This past year I really have figured out that I should have moved back home after graduation, especially after my plans to do missions work in Miami, Florida fell through. It was stupid to think I would be able to find a steady job in a metro area in some audio or video production field, I didn't I ended up finding a data entry job that at the end wasn't the best but was fun to do for awhile. But moving back home though it seems horrible and torturous because I know I can only stand my mother for so long without going totally insane, in the end its worth it, what is a little non-comfortable living now, to be able to live very comfortably in the long run and be completely happy in what I do in the long run, thats how I look at it, and how I will live it once my lease is up in August. If I haven't found a full time job by then, I am moving back to Michigan to continue my career search from Muskegon.

I am starting to get distracted now and need to end this blog, let me end on an uplifting note. If you have let go of your dreams and fell into a place of job complacement, ask yourself if you really enjoy, not just your job, but life in general, and can you see yoursef enjoying more in another way. If you think its too late to change your life and pursue old aspirations, its not go for it full force, if you think your really good at what you want to do and know, not think, know you can be successful at it, go for it and enjoy life at the same time. Life is a journey, make sure yours is fun and filled with twists and turns, because one day you may have to tell the story of your journey, don't you want your story to be enjoyable to hear as well as tell?

Until next time...stay safe.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Self "Check-Up" With My Faith Using The Soularium OR The Closest Thing I Can Do For An Art Project

Ok so this post certainly background info. So back in the summer of 2008 I went on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ to North Myrtle Beach, SC, to see more on that, watch this short documentary I made about it by clicking here, but the point I bring that up is because during the project we were shown a way of sharing our faith to people using a tool called the Soularium. The Soularium is a collection of 50 photos that you show to people and ask them questions about which picture best represents things in life. We were shown this but I never used it, but still thought it was a cool idea. At the end of the summer they were emptying out the project's office and giving out all the Soularium's they had, I nabbed one before they were all gone. Until tonight I never used it, though I never got rid of it.

So today I meet with a friend who is raising financial support to go do a year of missions and we were catching up, I sadly couldn't help her because I am unemployed but after that we just discussed each others walk with God and for some odd reason somewhere in the conversation I thought how great of a “check-up” in my walk would it be to go through the Soularium myself. So I popped on some Nine Inch Nails (one of my favorite bands and also their music is really good reflecting music) dug the Soularium out of my closet and took all the photos and placed on the floor and went through the questions. Here goes...

Pick 3 images to describe your life right now and explain each one

I feel it shows a woman doing her own thing on her own and totally independent of the world around her. That is very much my life right now. I am going my own path, God is apart of it, but to most people it seems I am doing my own thing and really enjoy it. I am very independent and on my own right now in my life now, there is good and bad. Good because its good to be less social after 4 years of being a social butterfly its good to have a “quieter” life for a little bit. Bad because I have less interaction with friends and people in general.
I feel this represents me looking forward to the future and how unknown it is to me. I want answers on what the future holds for me but I have to wait.

I picked this photo because my life is in a transition phase right now. Moving from college life and into a more professional/adult type of lifestyle. I feel this phase taking longer than I would want it to.

Pick 3 images of what you wish your life was like

I picked this because in terms of life situation and location I wish I was somewhere else. I have loved Minneapolis for the past 5 years but I feel strongly that it is time to move on to somewhere else, I love the friends I have here but there is so much more to experience out there and I want to make sure I do before I have to settle down in years down the road.

I picked this one because I wish my life was going somewhere, because being unemployed from a boring data entry job is nowhere to me. I have aspirations of working in radio and being on the air, whether in music or sports talk, I still don't know, I prayed about it for awhile this last month and feel its where God wants me to go career wise, and I feel that is going somewhere.

Its a bit of an odd pick but I wish my life had more order, I feel it has very little, its not necessarily a mess but its definitely crazy. I know God has a plan and I trust it but life is just crazy too much sometimes that I'm glad I am not the one planning because clearly if I was the only one planning, I would fail at it.

Which Image describes God? Why? What does it about God to you?

This pick took awhile to decide on, because a lot of them were close but when I thought about none of them perfectly fit what I think of God until I noticed this one. God certainly is an anchor in my life, He is always “attached” to me but the thing that works so well with this photo is doesn't necessarily look like its being used and sometimes I don't feel God is being used as my anchor in my life. Sometimes He is just there but not being used to be the focus of my life.

Think about life so far. Which Image best describes what you've experienced spiritually? Why? What does that image represent?

I notice this one quickly and really liked that it was an escalator. Because on an escalator you have a choice of going up the steps or just ride along. My spiritual life goes between the two. Sometimes I am going up the steps myself and actively pursuing God. But sadly I feel a lot of the time in the last year I have just been riding along. Lately I feel I have taken steps to seek God by spending time in the word, so it not riding along as much as of recently.

When you think about your spiritual life or journey, which image best represents what you wish were true? Why? What does that image represent?

Funny this image has the number right after where my spiritual life is currently. But out of all the pictures this is the only one that made sense to me. I wish I was taking my spiritual life and running with it. Or in another sense that works with the photo in that I want to seek/chase after God with all I have, but honestly that is very difficult. I can't constantly have God on my mind, I have responsibilities to take care that take time away from Him.

So Where Do I Go From Here?

I really don't know, I mean I am not in serious trouble with my walk with Christ but obviously its not where I want to be. I need to just go after it, read the word and pray often. The rest should fall into place over time.

If you want more info about The Soularium, go to sadly the site doesn't let you do The Soularium online

Until next time...stay you can read my next blog post :P

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why The Simpsons Have Such A Bad Rap These Days

So I wanted to write this down before I started my day because I got a theory fleshed out on why The Simpsons have such a bad wrap for not being as good as it was in its first 10 years.

I thought of this because on this weeks the episode they did a special opening that was a huge animated sequence involving a lot of the characters to the song “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. This is topical in my mind but looking at Facebook and Twitter I noticed that it made a lot of people mad and I felt that flac was undeserved, when at the same time if South Park did something as topical it would be praised for it.

The early of The Simpsons saw it get very popular because there was nothing like it on Television. Animation for grown-ups? The baby boomers had no idea how to deal with it and thus tried as hard as they could to keep their kids from watching it, this was very much my experience, as my mom didn't want me watching it, but shortly overtime grew to see it was a show I cared a lot about.

From a kids standpoint growing up seeing the Simpsons grow from its start in Christmas of '89 it was a fun show to see. Kids wishing they could do what Bart does on TV, imitating Homer sayings on the playground, and singing those catchy songs they did from time to time. At the same time their plots were topical and relevant at times and dealt with issues people faced in America, and at other times causing controversey when it made fun of the city of New Orleans, in the early 90s, the Fox affiliate in New Orleans refused to air the A Street Named Marge episode because of the few jokes at the cities at expense.

But now in an age where the adult animation field is so saturated, the Simpsons is now in a world where the field is spread thin of cartoons for grown up, yet its all on cable, the broadcast networks that aren't FOX can't find any good adult animation to air on their networks, its kind of funny when you think about it, thats a point for another day.

Anyway if you watch the Simpsons today, it looks a lot different, its in Hi-Def and widescreen, but the plots are not much different. They are still well written and usually contain a B and sometimes C plot and they all come together in the end, just like they did in the old days. But back in the old days we had nothing to compare it to, so we thought it was amazing. Nowadays people compare The Simpsons to Family Guy and South Park, which is odd because The Simpsons paved the way for these shows to even be considered to be aired. Some would say the pupils have become the masters now but I argue that point because obviously The Simpsons is still a successful show, otherwise Fox would cancel it, TV is a business and when something isn't making money its done away with. The Simpsons still finds ways to sell DVDs, t-shirts, and toys. If people really thought it wasn't that good, they would not invest in these items, instead ratings are doing well, not great, but still profitable enough to keep it on the air, merchandise sells like crazy, and Homer keeps finding more trouble.'

So stop dissing The Simpsons, its just as good as South Park or Family Guy, but no one wants to admit it.

Until next time, do stay safe

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Console Wars

PS3 Vs Xbox 360

So for a random reason tonight I thought I should highlight the pros and cons of the video gaming consoles. I am not really in the market for one I just thought I would give my opinion about them. If you are wondering why the Wii is not on this comparison, its because its not a game system on the same level as

Playstation 3

So first I am going to go into the pros and cons and then anything personal I feel about the system.


The biggest draw to buying a PS3 is that it doubles as a Blu-Ray player, that pretty big as the home video market is slowly upgrading to Blu-Ray. Most people are going to upgrade to a Blu-Ray player soon enough anyway might as well kill two birds with one stone with this one.

Playing online is free with PS3 no Playstation Network subscription fee, it will work fine with your internet connection, unlike other consoles (more on that later).

Most people are already used to the controller as it is the same design since 1998 when the Dual Shock controller came out for the PS1.


The game selection isn't as diverse and of my tastes as it is on the 360.

When downloading a game or demo you have to wait for it to download, the system pauses the download if you pop in a movie while it downloads something, I've seen this happen on a friends PS3 while downloading a demo and its a pain to learn after watching a blu ray for 45 minutes and see the download make no progress

It does malfunction, rate is unknown and not as publicized so probably not as much as the 360 but thats a risky assumption.


Personally the PS3 is a great system and the blu ray is a definite bonus. But the game selection is not up to par as to what the 360 offers, in terms of exclusive titles. I am a fan of shooters and 360 defintely excels in this category over PS3. Yes I should be used to the control design because I've played it a lot through the years but I like the 360s a bit better.

I didn't include this because I don't know if its a pro or a con but the controllers have some kind of motion control like sensor in it, that isn't used and now they are getting ready to release motion sensor wands to compete with the Wii and the 360's Project Natal.

Also back in the early 2000's, so long ago now it seems, Sony was responsible for bumping off Sega out of the console market with the PS2, and ever since then I have held a grudge against Sony in the gaming industry. The Dreamcast was an awesome console but Sony with its “we double as a DVD player” sales speech helped kill the Dreamcast fast. It makes it hard to break down and buy a Sony gaming product while I have a Sega fan boy inside of me what won't have anything to do with Sony gaming, it doesn't effect anyone really but certainly has an effect on my buying habits.

Xbox 360


As stated above the console exclusives are better and are more interesting for me overall.

The controller is top notch made ergonmically for shooting gamers like myself in mind.

The integration with Windows computers is flawless and makes streaming music and video content much simpler for those with Windows PCs. There is also some integration features with Windows Mobile, but I am an Android man myself so I have no use for that.

Project Natal is rumored to be out this Christmas season and it going to be a killer add-on for the console and I am very excited to get the chance to try it out at some point, certainly tips the scale over the motion wands Sony has coming out for PS3.


RROD aka Red Ring Of Death most of us have heard about it very few of us have experienced it first hand. Its a fear that all of us have, the game console malfunctioning and in this day in age of faster and better inside parts they tend to overheat so as long as you keep the ventilation holes unblocked the console should be fine.

Paying for Xbox Live has gotten to be a joke. It is bad enough Internet bills are ridiculously high enough but the fact that PSN is free to their users, Xbox Live needs to stop with this subscription service BS.

No Blu-Ray is a shame because it is the one thing that keeps me from buying this console, and to add more insult to injury there is a probably now rare, HD DVD add-on for the system. Didn't manufacturers learn from the early 90s from Sega that most addons dont work out that well. While the Sega CD was initally successful it failed to have a few great games, instead most were terrible full motion video games and the addon soon had a worse looking cousin, the Sega 32X, those are topics for another day.


I like the 360 game selection its awesome and massive and totally fits for me. Project Natal looks too awesome in terms of what the possibilites are with it, which seem endless and I cannot wait to try it out at a store or demo somewhere.

In Summary...

This is a tough decision because neither system out performs the other, but I have to side with the 360 with Natal coming out it slightly makes me want it more than the PS3.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Devolution of Comedy in American Culture or Why You Tube Makes Me Sad

So today I saw one of my more favorite You Tubers, Slyth66, post a Q&A video and at the end he makes a joke about masturbation. I was kind of appalled at this because thats not typically his type of humor, but I can see why he did it, he is almost at 20,000 subscribers and still doesn't have a partnership, mind you most people get a partnership at 2,000 subscribers. So then I reflect and think about the big names on You Tube, the Shane Dawsons and Phillip Defrancos of the top of the You Tube charts all have way too much sexual humor and I think its led me to be kind of bored of most You Tube videos recently. It used to be I would look forward to everyones videoes when I got big into You Tube over the summer, now I stay subscribed to a lot of the same people but I don't watch their videos because it is usually the same old thing, its like watch more than 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

I then think about the rest of entertainment culture in America specifically comedy and how it is on the same page as that of what is big on You Tube. Sex comedies are what dominate the box office these days, last year alone the best non kids comedies were The Hangover and Bruno and sadly they have gratitutious amounts of sexual humor, yet American audiences seem to like it more than other types of humor.

It just makes me sad that the era of well written comedy is dying to make for comedy that has to deal with sex. I just watched the movie today called It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and wow what a great comedic movie from 1963, just really well put together overall, more on that movie some other time, but it makes me sad to compare that to comedies of today which arent as worthwhile, yes people enjoy them, but they are not the movies people put at the top of their lists of movies that NEED to see in the year. As comedies even on Television lessen in quality, i.e. The Office, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Two and A Half Men, it makes me wonder if the art of comedy in America is dying almost as fast as film criticism is because of how low brow it has to be to appeal to a mass audience.

It just makes me sad overall because I have learned to fully appreciate comedies of yester-year but most people really don't care cuz most of their comedic interests have to depend on subtle innuendos.

I could keep ranting but it would get redundant.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Does God want us to be an agent of Chaos?

So today I heard a screenwriting podcast about The Dark Knight and later on in the evening I watched half of the movie and thinking ahead to some dialogue later in the movie, I wondered if an agent of chaos. Chaos being a state of extreme confusion and disorder, or rather that is what it would seem to us humans, but God has everything according to His plan and a lot of the time we have no idea what that plan is and it would be to us, simply chaos. I know some of you dont like religious talk but try to hear me out on this.

Many times in my life I thought I had everything figured out God steps in and says no and sends my life in an entire different direction. Take for example when I thought I was meant to be a missionary with Campus Crusade in Miami, FL. I noticed early on what I thought was clear signs to go. Did all the paper work and was ready to go just needed to do a summer of support raising and believed if I was meant to go God would find a way to provide. Well it seemed he didn't want me to go because he put many obstacles in my way to ensure support raising went as awful and as lackluster as it did and all I was left with was a huge credit card debt, that I am still paying off, and huge wonder as to where I am to go next in life with where I am supposed to move to and pursue as a vocation.

Now lets look at the other side of the coin (oh man too many Dark Knight references) what if we were to live for God as an agent of chaos, never planning too far ahead in fear that it isnt according to what God wants for our lives. We expect the unexpected all the time from what He has in store for our lives. Of course we would have to plan somewhat for simple things but for bigger things we would just do life and prey God leads us in His will. That seems a lot more fun and enjoyable but does its flaws in working out perfectly and is a theory I plan to keep developing.

I can see how this doesnt make much sense, which is legit as its midnight and ive been up since 6:30 AM. But I have to think there is some validity to this thought, that and the fact it just sounds cool to be an agent of chaos for God.

Having a plan can always lead to disappiontment when things dont go perfectly according to the plan. Being an agent of chaos can only lead to enjoyment, you would expect nothing, and anything you get, is everything.

Think about it and hit me up with your thoughts.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reflecting On Almost Lost Memories- Anita and Her Two Boys

For some odd reason when Erin was driving me home this evening I got to thinking about people I haven't talked to in ages and truly lost touch with even though they were huge influences on me when I was growing up. For some reason I was reflecting on some really early memories of a babysitter I had before I was the age of 5, her name was anita and she had two sons who were in high school named kurt and for the life of me I can't remember the other ones name cuz I never saw him when I got older. Anita and her two boys spoiled me, according to my mother. I don't remember how they spoiled me but for some reason I think some of my He-Man toys come from that family. The only memories I have are watching Alf (OMG I loved Alf when I was little) in Anita's big living room, it probably was normal size but I was little so a lot of rooms were huge, and the two boys heading off somewhere wearing their Oakridge football jerseys either school or to a game, not sure which.
Years later I would get re-acquainted with Kurt as he substitute taught when I was in high school. And years later I would see him from time to time, and though I don't remember much he said to me when I was real little I will always remember that whenever see him now he asks how I am doing as well as how my mom is doing, I always like that of old family friends when they ask that, to me it shows they truly care its one of the disadvantages of living so from home, I don't really have any family friends anymore except relatives who live in the area, I usually don't see them though.

Anyway, I like these reflecting it helps me capture memories that are distant and fading and preserving to reflect on later in life. Ever since character actor Stephen Tobolowsky started his podcast, The Tobolowsky Files, I have really been meaning to write down stories and memories from my life before the memory fades too far into the past, checkout the podcast they are quite enjoyable and inspiring, I hope my reflection blogs can do the same. Until next time, have a great day.

Link to The Tobolowsky Files

Monday, February 1, 2010



So today I was thinking what a lovely day it was at least from my point of view with the snow coming ever so gently I couldn't help but think, “What a lovely day in paradise.” And then my random mind thought back to when I was in North Myrtle Beach, SC in 2008 and my boss at the time, named Cameron, thought NMB was paradise.

When people think of paradise they probably first think of a tropical environment of some kind, but I think it comes down to a state of mind. If I can think that below freezing snowy Minnesota as paradise, paradise is a place wherever you can find happiness. For example, my boss in NMB has a family and successful business in a climate he enjoys. For me I am loving life right now living on my own, seeking God, and enjoying the job I am blessed to have. Its truly paradise, even better if my student debt would just disappear, but I digress.

So I guess what you can take from my short blog today, is what is paradise for you? Have you found it or have any idea what it is. I have found it, and its not perfect but it puts a smile on my face to know how good my life is right now, and too most it isnt glamorous or the “American Dream” but I don't want that, I am not complacent in where I am in life but I am just happy where I am in life and wouldn't be sad if it was taken away from me because I have found joy in it for the time being and God never fails to bless me.

I hope this finds you well and have a great night/morning/afternoon/whenever this finds you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Much Needed Apology

So I feel I have some explaining to do after my last post. I know people were hurt by it and I am truly sorry for offending or making you mad. That was totally not my intention. I was in a very ventful mood and was writing with not the most positive attitude and it certainly showed. The feelings expressed in the post were those from when my mind is in a dark place and when that happens I tend to just be mad at everything for no reason at all. I didn't have the most tact when thinking about making it public for the whole world. Even though I am trying to be real and honest in this vlog I have to keep in mind my words can still hurt those who I care about and I dont want to inflict any kind of pain whatsoever by this.

Eventually I want this blog to up positive and uplifting and clearly I am not doing a good job of that. I am in a very critical stage in my life on will affect it for awhile and this blog post certainly isnt helping that situation at all. But thank you to those who have shown encouragement despite my words may have enraged you or others. I hope that you continue to see what I post here and to stay in touch. Again I can't stress enough I sincerely apologize if I caused you any pain through my writings.