Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photographers are a Sham

There are so many issues to have in the world but one I have with that seems to go unnoticed is people who identify themselves as a photographer. That term is so loosely used these days its kind of disgusting, at least to me. Back before digital cameras, photographers had to have an eye for what makes a great photo. Now one can take thousands of photos and have a few great photos just out of sure luck. It used to be photographers had to be sure what they were taking a picture of would make for a great visual, or they would be wasting time, money, and film. They only had so much film to take so many photos, now the amount of photos one can take is basically infinite with the size of flash memory. It seems anyone with some extra money can buy the title of photographer, and most of them will never see the inside of a dark room, and Photoshop makes it so the picture doesnt even have to be that good and it can still be made to look attractive to the human eye.

Just because someone can post a few picture they took online and show them off to make people think they can take good photos, doesn't mean they deserve the title of photographer. If that statement were true, every parent who feels the need to take pictures at every event their child is on display would be called a photographer, which isn't true, they are just documenting their childs life because of their sheer love for them.

I own a video camera, and have made a couple of films that have been posted online, that doesn't mean I call myself a filmmaker, and those who do, are just as crazy as the photographer folk.

My last comparison to prove my point is, to quote the movie Ratatouille, anyone can cook, but it takes a special talent to be called a chef. The same is true with being called a photographer, anyone can take a picture, but it takes a very special talent in a person to be called a photographer.  But too many people who just take pictures in their spare time, call themselves photographers, and get these visions of grandeur that they want to be professional photographers, in which my response to them, despite killing their dreams, is good luck, because there are very few people in the world who make a living off of being a photographer.

And DON'T say because someone did the pictures for a few peoples wedding that they deserve the title of photographer, because anyone who has seen a couple romantic movies can figure out how to take decent wedding photos.

Now I am quite sure people out there well disagree with me, which is fine, but when you think about it, its all too easy to pick up a camera, point it at something, shoot it, and if need be, make it pretty in Photoshop. And if that is what makes someone a photographer, what do we call the few people who are actually talented and gifted in the field?

Until next time...Stay safe.