Monday, July 26, 2010

Housing Issues At The Current Moment

So the place where I live hasn't been the most enjoyable this year, between roommates who I don't really hang out with and the drama they built between one and another, which I happily stayed out of. At the start of my search for a place to live which started a little over a week ago I decided to live that I want my own place and live alone for the year and possibly longer, and in Northeast Minneapolis because I really love the area and friends I've made from church live there.

But of course, this cant be simple at all the following factors are keeping this from being simple.

Now a few people have said they want to live with me or would consider it if given the right place to live in, which if I go that route would make rent cheaper.

If I were to move in to a place at the start of august, I don't know that I would have enough money to cover the deposit and first month of rent.

The person I would live with is my friend Jessica and she wants to live in the suburbs, we've found an apartment in Roseville that we will both look at and if we were to live together most likely it would be there, and the commute for me would be a very long bike ride or a over time very costly daily bus ride. NE Minneapolis would be easier because everything I do is in Minneapolis.

I've started making plans to find a temp place to live in August because it gives me more time and would allow me to choose the single apartment which after thinking about it tonight, I think is what I'll go with in the end even if the Roseville apartment is end all be all amazing, because I grew up with my own room in a house with my mom, and this would be the final step to finally and fully becoming independent, because in ways you depend on roomates, and being an only child growing up and sort of loner in many ways in high school, I like to be self sufficient and it would be good to fully do that, still would be without a car but I could save for that over time and make this single apartment the cozy home to myself I've always wanted.

We'll see what happens, hopefully I am lead to an opportunity that allows me a place to live for August, because that would be amazing, not going to lie, if you are of the praying type, pray that God leads me to path in this housing difficulty to be able to have everything work, otherwise just send positive thoughts.

Thats all for today until tomorrow...Stay Safe.

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