Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why The Simpsons Have Such A Bad Rap These Days

So I wanted to write this down before I started my day because I got a theory fleshed out on why The Simpsons have such a bad wrap for not being as good as it was in its first 10 years.

I thought of this because on this weeks the episode they did a special opening that was a huge animated sequence involving a lot of the characters to the song “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. This is topical in my mind but looking at Facebook and Twitter I noticed that it made a lot of people mad and I felt that flac was undeserved, when at the same time if South Park did something as topical it would be praised for it.

The early of The Simpsons saw it get very popular because there was nothing like it on Television. Animation for grown-ups? The baby boomers had no idea how to deal with it and thus tried as hard as they could to keep their kids from watching it, this was very much my experience, as my mom didn't want me watching it, but shortly overtime grew to see it was a show I cared a lot about.

From a kids standpoint growing up seeing the Simpsons grow from its start in Christmas of '89 it was a fun show to see. Kids wishing they could do what Bart does on TV, imitating Homer sayings on the playground, and singing those catchy songs they did from time to time. At the same time their plots were topical and relevant at times and dealt with issues people faced in America, and at other times causing controversey when it made fun of the city of New Orleans, in the early 90s, the Fox affiliate in New Orleans refused to air the A Street Named Marge episode because of the few jokes at the cities at expense.

But now in an age where the adult animation field is so saturated, the Simpsons is now in a world where the field is spread thin of cartoons for grown up, yet its all on cable, the broadcast networks that aren't FOX can't find any good adult animation to air on their networks, its kind of funny when you think about it, thats a point for another day.

Anyway if you watch the Simpsons today, it looks a lot different, its in Hi-Def and widescreen, but the plots are not much different. They are still well written and usually contain a B and sometimes C plot and they all come together in the end, just like they did in the old days. But back in the old days we had nothing to compare it to, so we thought it was amazing. Nowadays people compare The Simpsons to Family Guy and South Park, which is odd because The Simpsons paved the way for these shows to even be considered to be aired. Some would say the pupils have become the masters now but I argue that point because obviously The Simpsons is still a successful show, otherwise Fox would cancel it, TV is a business and when something isn't making money its done away with. The Simpsons still finds ways to sell DVDs, t-shirts, and toys. If people really thought it wasn't that good, they would not invest in these items, instead ratings are doing well, not great, but still profitable enough to keep it on the air, merchandise sells like crazy, and Homer keeps finding more trouble.'

So stop dissing The Simpsons, its just as good as South Park or Family Guy, but no one wants to admit it.

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TJ said...

Adam, Adam, Adam...

South Park has always been topical. So when it does tiger woods one week and makes fun of whale wars the next, no one's really surprised. A lot of south park's episodes are going to age horribly because of that but such is life.

We aren't mad at the Simpsons for not being as good as south park or family guy. We hold it to a much higher standard than that: we are mad it's not as good at it used to be. Not by a long shot. You could counter that maybe it's because we've changed and we look back fondly on old things. But I don't know how much that holds up. I mean I love batman begins and the dark knight so much more than batman and batman returns. I think they are better movies by far.

Also you know dang well that due to the fact that about four minutes have been shaved off the show over the years due to commercials, the C plots have gone the way of the dodo and the B plots get weaker and thinner every season.

I love the simpsons. But I would rather watch a new episode of family guy or south park at this point (hell even American Dad or the Cleveland Show).

Because we all love the Simpsons, we hate to see it suffer and muddle through like this. Bottom line: the show needs to die.

It's better to burn out than to fade away!