Saturday, August 7, 2010

Words of Affirmation Can Go A Long Way

So I go from blogging almost every day in a week to nothing at all, I'm so consistent. But I wanted to write about the awesome small group meeting I was at on Thursday night. It was about small groups in general because the sermon at our church this past Sunday was about small groups as well, and sort gauging the future of ours, and the final part of it was going around in a circle and having people in the group tell what qualities they appreciated about every person in the group. How we did it is we started on a person and everyone gave their comments on that one person and then we moved on the person next to them. Most people in this small group have been in it much long than me, I've only been in it since January and a lot of the people in the group have known each other much longer. As we are going around in the circle, I am worried that people won't have many good things to say about me, because I didn't think they knew me that well. Everyone is getting a good amount of good comments as we go around, and then it comes to me, and wow were my worries for naught because they gave me so many great words of affirmation, the following is a list of ones I could remember.

  • I show up for things, if someone has something scheduled I show up, and one of the leaders of the group said that our pastor once said leaders show up.
  • I don't complain that much despite the fact I was unemployed for almost 3 months and that I got hit by a car, I didn't complain that much
  • Someone I commented that I am a very bold person, she used the recent example of a wedding some of us went to and I went on the dance floor, not knowing anyone on the dance floor and just threw down, and they said I show that in different areas and that I am able to put myself out there.
  • I was told I am passionate about my dreams, specifically going into a radio, a dying medium, but I am highly passionate about getting into that field
  • I made it work by fitting into the group despite the fact so many of the bonds in the group were of years ago and when most people in the group lived in Iowa, I somehow found a way to flow and fit into the group.
  • I remember things about people and use that to help people out, whether it be movies people wanted to see and letting them borrow them even though they didn't ask or seeing articles of little things people are into.

There might have been a few more I forgot but those words of affirmation were really good to hear. Its not everyday I get to hear that many kind things that people like about me and my personality. It really makes me feel good to know I'll be living here a bit longer and get to see these people more because if I had to leave them now and move back to Michigan, it would be very disappointing. This made my week and I don't think any of them read this but if they do, I hope they know how great it is to know I have good friends who appreciate me more than I even realized.

Things On The Horizon...

Pending the writing muses keep me wanting to write and don't give me writers block I want to start doing some video game writing on here, recently heard a podcast by some long tenured video gamers like myself who are a little older than me but like me appreciate the new and the old school video games. Most of my writings will be about older games, I play new games but enough to review them and I very rarely buy a new game when it launches, last time I did that was Prototype in June of 2009, and only because I had been waiting a year and a half for that game to come out since I saw the game play preview on G4.

Possibly I want to do some writing about animation as well, its a passion of mine, and has been for over a decade and really want to get my thoughts out there. We'll see though, quite a few times I have planned for things to do on the Internet and they don't pan out but hopefully with writing it will be different.

Thats all for this late Saturday night blog.

Until next time...stay safe

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