Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why Do People Give Up On Their Dreams?

So today I ran into an old friend, and she was graduated from college and working as a waitress at a local estabilishment. It made me start to wonder and even after 9 miles of biking after seeing her I was still thinking about it. Most people who go to college have dreams and aspirations. But after we toss the caps in the air we either go after those dreams full force or just fall into a system in the regular normal working world. What exactly happens to those who give up on those dreams? Why do they give up on those dreams?

I can give some insight as its been a year since I graduated and I'm certainly in a similar boat but after losing my data entry I am focusing on what career I want to pursue, which is in radio, and after a rough first year out of college I have some thoughts to write about on this topic.

Life goals that come are pursued by a lot of us but through the way life goes, I feel some of us find something we value more than what we aspired to be. Whether it be a special someone, another calling, or a group of friends you want to stick with more than getting that illustrious career. With that in mind, I have to say I really do enjoy the friends I have that have put up with me through tough times and still find me enjoyable after all the time I've known them. But if this year of being much more anti-social has taught me anything, its that I can find new friends I did this year and am very happy hanging out with them. But I know I can find just as much joy with new people if I have to move for a new job. I guess its the independent only child rearing its head in my voice because though I know I need good people in my life I know I can find more wherever I go.

People who blame the system or economy for not being in the career they wanted have a little more explaining to do. From what I've noticed, because I've even fell victim to this, is people like the independence they have achieved and like the place they live in that they get too comfortable and aren't willing. This past year I really have figured out that I should have moved back home after graduation, especially after my plans to do missions work in Miami, Florida fell through. It was stupid to think I would be able to find a steady job in a metro area in some audio or video production field, I didn't I ended up finding a data entry job that at the end wasn't the best but was fun to do for awhile. But moving back home though it seems horrible and torturous because I know I can only stand my mother for so long without going totally insane, in the end its worth it, what is a little non-comfortable living now, to be able to live very comfortably in the long run and be completely happy in what I do in the long run, thats how I look at it, and how I will live it once my lease is up in August. If I haven't found a full time job by then, I am moving back to Michigan to continue my career search from Muskegon.

I am starting to get distracted now and need to end this blog, let me end on an uplifting note. If you have let go of your dreams and fell into a place of job complacement, ask yourself if you really enjoy, not just your job, but life in general, and can you see yoursef enjoying more in another way. If you think its too late to change your life and pursue old aspirations, its not go for it full force, if you think your really good at what you want to do and know, not think, know you can be successful at it, go for it and enjoy life at the same time. Life is a journey, make sure yours is fun and filled with twists and turns, because one day you may have to tell the story of your journey, don't you want your story to be enjoyable to hear as well as tell?

Until next time...stay safe.

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