Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Does God want us to be an agent of Chaos?

So today I heard a screenwriting podcast about The Dark Knight and later on in the evening I watched half of the movie and thinking ahead to some dialogue later in the movie, I wondered if an agent of chaos. Chaos being a state of extreme confusion and disorder, or rather that is what it would seem to us humans, but God has everything according to His plan and a lot of the time we have no idea what that plan is and it would be to us, simply chaos. I know some of you dont like religious talk but try to hear me out on this.

Many times in my life I thought I had everything figured out God steps in and says no and sends my life in an entire different direction. Take for example when I thought I was meant to be a missionary with Campus Crusade in Miami, FL. I noticed early on what I thought was clear signs to go. Did all the paper work and was ready to go just needed to do a summer of support raising and believed if I was meant to go God would find a way to provide. Well it seemed he didn't want me to go because he put many obstacles in my way to ensure support raising went as awful and as lackluster as it did and all I was left with was a huge credit card debt, that I am still paying off, and huge wonder as to where I am to go next in life with where I am supposed to move to and pursue as a vocation.

Now lets look at the other side of the coin (oh man too many Dark Knight references) what if we were to live for God as an agent of chaos, never planning too far ahead in fear that it isnt according to what God wants for our lives. We expect the unexpected all the time from what He has in store for our lives. Of course we would have to plan somewhat for simple things but for bigger things we would just do life and prey God leads us in His will. That seems a lot more fun and enjoyable but does its flaws in working out perfectly and is a theory I plan to keep developing.

I can see how this doesnt make much sense, which is legit as its midnight and ive been up since 6:30 AM. But I have to think there is some validity to this thought, that and the fact it just sounds cool to be an agent of chaos for God.

Having a plan can always lead to disappiontment when things dont go perfectly according to the plan. Being an agent of chaos can only lead to enjoyment, you would expect nothing, and anything you get, is everything.

Think about it and hit me up with your thoughts.


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Unspar! said...

I'm intrigued, but my thoughts are probably too long for a comment. I'll send you a FB message or something. Also, if any good movies ever come out again, we should consider seeing one of them.