Sunday, August 1, 2010

Analyzing My 7 Day Challenge And Other Things

So I failed my own personal challenge to blog everyday for week, moving is certainly the cause of this but if I really wanted to I could have posted something but it wouldn't have been quality, and I am always about quality over quantity. So I am moved into a house that I resided in last summer with people I know but really don't hang out with that much anymore, it refers to my previous post about hanging out with older people. It shows in interests immediately as I am out on the porch writing this drinking a Crown Royal and Mexican Coca-Cola mix, I call it Red Velvet, and they are inside playing board games and making cupcake. Their idea of a fun night is not my idea of a fun night almost at all. Making cupcakes is fun but its more fun to serve them for a party or get together, not just spur of the moment bake and eat, I can see that as a fun and spontaneous every once and a while but these people do it a lot, it loses its appeal fast.

I am really tired and beat from biking around the cities today, I biked to church, a coffee shop down the street called Muddsuckers, uptown, and the quarry target. One would think I would take it easy after the amount of energy I spent moving stuff into storage and the house I am living at now, nope nothing stops this machine, but its the end of the weekend and I work again tomorrow, which will be nice but I feel I'll need 8-10 hours to be ready to start the week. New commute tomorrow means I'll leave too early for when I should but oh well, we'll see what happens.

This is just rambling about my day at this point, again I'm really tired and my brain is not at its usual writing capacity to write a well structured blog, this one is more stream of consciousness.

To analyze this week I am really impressed at the blog posts I wrote this week, since I have netflix I will try to do one movie related blog post a week, that will keep me writing. I like writing poetry from time to time and definitely feel I could post some on this blog to keep some variety in the reading, and then of course there should be the occasional random rant on some topic that is current and possibly not. I think I like this format better for stating my opinion, rather than making a You Tube video, I still don't know what I am going to do with that account, they just upped the allowance for upload time from 10 minutes to 15, so soon I will post my short film Dorm Of The Dead later, probably after the move to Northeast Minneapolis when I am settled in with a desk and hard drives will be setup.

Until next time...stay safe

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