Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-Tourney Thoughts on the World Cup

So I've noticed I haven't written about sports since starting this blog back in January, yea I know I dont post regularly, so what? But sports are huge passion and my first sports blog is about the World Cup which is soccer which is my least favorite sport ironically enough. So I have a few thoughts on the World right before it starts in 8 hours from when I started writing this.

So from what I have heard and briefly read America actually has a shot at the field of 16 this year. Which is a bold statement since America has England in their pool but with injuries and not being as good as they were in past years, England isn't looking to all that hot this year. Also I was reminded of the fact that USA fell just short of winning the gold medal in hockey at this years winter olympics (which I watched with my then girlfriend at the time who fell asleep watching the game, we broke up a month later, I wonder why) they couldn't get the miracle done maybe America can pull of a World Cup victory and make the whole rest of the world mad because mens soccer is the last frontier America has yet to conquer, and in all honesty they probably won't, but I would make for an amazing story to unravel through the next month of soccer.

In past years I have cared so less for the World Cup because I really didn't like soccer but I think honesty since friending a soccer player back in college, soccer became more noticeable and apparent to me. Mind I won't go out of my way to watch it, well maybe with the world cup because nothing else is on until the Tour de France starts July 3rd and unless my story book tale comes true America will be long gone out of the tournament by then and I won't be watching, maybe I'll root for Ireland aka The Motherland in my book (YAY Irish roots) are they any good in the World Cup? Maybe if they have some Irish coffee to start the day off.

Other than that I don't care too much for the World Cup, I know I should because it brings a sort of unity among each country and the world as we all tune into this one athletic event. I just bored by soccer, anytime I watch it, I just feel Eh? Change the channel. I honestly feel if America had better announcers for soccer, it would have more attention, but can you name one famous American Soccer broadcaster? No you can't, your first thought is probably the Spanish guy who screams GOOOOOAAAALLLL!!! And then you realize you've never sat through an entire soccer match on television, why? Because of no good announcers. If they let Gus Johnson, who probably doesnt know much about soccer, announce, I guarantee you ratings for soccer in America would double, because the announcer makes the boring parts of a game just as interesting as the intense parts.

Wow I start of with World Cup and end on Gus Johnson, if you don't who Gus Johnson is, first off shame on you, secondly google some videos of his play by play its A-MAZING.

My last thought is basically me saying how one music video on the YouTube is the only reason I feel I am excited at all for the World Cup. Its pretty amazing and the song accompaning the video is just as awesome, watch the video leave a comment on this blog and tell me your thoughts on the World Cup, or even if you care to watch the World Cup.

Until next time...stay safe

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