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My Self "Check-Up" With My Faith Using The Soularium OR The Closest Thing I Can Do For An Art Project

Ok so this post certainly background info. So back in the summer of 2008 I went on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ to North Myrtle Beach, SC, to see more on that, watch this short documentary I made about it by clicking here, but the point I bring that up is because during the project we were shown a way of sharing our faith to people using a tool called the Soularium. The Soularium is a collection of 50 photos that you show to people and ask them questions about which picture best represents things in life. We were shown this but I never used it, but still thought it was a cool idea. At the end of the summer they were emptying out the project's office and giving out all the Soularium's they had, I nabbed one before they were all gone. Until tonight I never used it, though I never got rid of it.

So today I meet with a friend who is raising financial support to go do a year of missions and we were catching up, I sadly couldn't help her because I am unemployed but after that we just discussed each others walk with God and for some odd reason somewhere in the conversation I thought how great of a “check-up” in my walk would it be to go through the Soularium myself. So I popped on some Nine Inch Nails (one of my favorite bands and also their music is really good reflecting music) dug the Soularium out of my closet and took all the photos and placed on the floor and went through the questions. Here goes...

Pick 3 images to describe your life right now and explain each one

I feel it shows a woman doing her own thing on her own and totally independent of the world around her. That is very much my life right now. I am going my own path, God is apart of it, but to most people it seems I am doing my own thing and really enjoy it. I am very independent and on my own right now in my life now, there is good and bad. Good because its good to be less social after 4 years of being a social butterfly its good to have a “quieter” life for a little bit. Bad because I have less interaction with friends and people in general.
I feel this represents me looking forward to the future and how unknown it is to me. I want answers on what the future holds for me but I have to wait.

I picked this photo because my life is in a transition phase right now. Moving from college life and into a more professional/adult type of lifestyle. I feel this phase taking longer than I would want it to.

Pick 3 images of what you wish your life was like

I picked this because in terms of life situation and location I wish I was somewhere else. I have loved Minneapolis for the past 5 years but I feel strongly that it is time to move on to somewhere else, I love the friends I have here but there is so much more to experience out there and I want to make sure I do before I have to settle down in years down the road.

I picked this one because I wish my life was going somewhere, because being unemployed from a boring data entry job is nowhere to me. I have aspirations of working in radio and being on the air, whether in music or sports talk, I still don't know, I prayed about it for awhile this last month and feel its where God wants me to go career wise, and I feel that is going somewhere.

Its a bit of an odd pick but I wish my life had more order, I feel it has very little, its not necessarily a mess but its definitely crazy. I know God has a plan and I trust it but life is just crazy too much sometimes that I'm glad I am not the one planning because clearly if I was the only one planning, I would fail at it.

Which Image describes God? Why? What does it about God to you?

This pick took awhile to decide on, because a lot of them were close but when I thought about none of them perfectly fit what I think of God until I noticed this one. God certainly is an anchor in my life, He is always “attached” to me but the thing that works so well with this photo is doesn't necessarily look like its being used and sometimes I don't feel God is being used as my anchor in my life. Sometimes He is just there but not being used to be the focus of my life.

Think about life so far. Which Image best describes what you've experienced spiritually? Why? What does that image represent?

I notice this one quickly and really liked that it was an escalator. Because on an escalator you have a choice of going up the steps or just ride along. My spiritual life goes between the two. Sometimes I am going up the steps myself and actively pursuing God. But sadly I feel a lot of the time in the last year I have just been riding along. Lately I feel I have taken steps to seek God by spending time in the word, so it not riding along as much as of recently.

When you think about your spiritual life or journey, which image best represents what you wish were true? Why? What does that image represent?

Funny this image has the number right after where my spiritual life is currently. But out of all the pictures this is the only one that made sense to me. I wish I was taking my spiritual life and running with it. Or in another sense that works with the photo in that I want to seek/chase after God with all I have, but honestly that is very difficult. I can't constantly have God on my mind, I have responsibilities to take care that take time away from Him.

So Where Do I Go From Here?

I really don't know, I mean I am not in serious trouble with my walk with Christ but obviously its not where I want to be. I need to just go after it, read the word and pray often. The rest should fall into place over time.

If you want more info about The Soularium, go to sadly the site doesn't let you do The Soularium online

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