Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Ramblings About Dating and Being Honest

So tonight I watched the movie Kick-Ass and I was going to write a post about how the movie shows how guns are the real villian in our society, but then when I got down to type it up and really did not feel like making an argument like that.  Instead I'll just free write about whatever is on my mind or has been on it lately.

The subject of dating has been on my mind, because I have felt from many sources lately, including my own twisted subconscious pressured to seek someone out, but really I shouldn't.  I am about to enter a new chapter of my life where I am more independent and  on my own and even more becoming my own person.  But whether it be friends who seem to be happy while they are in relationships, especially those who are married or are getting married, they kind of make me feel inferior because they seem to have it all together with their happily ever after mentality and just make single people feel awkward with their cuddly antics, though that’s usually with couples who are in the first couple of months because they don't know any better and consider it normal.  Well its not normal its annoying more than anything, would you act that way in front of your parents or grandparents. NO so don't do it around your friends, all it makes single friends think is, (as I sort of quote Scott Pilgrim vs The World) if your relationship had a face, I would punch it in the face, and I would too, to some of my friends who are dating. 

Next point, horrible transition but my brain thinks 2 paragraphs ahead of my typing hands so whatever else I had to say on the topic will have to be said another day.  Something I've noticed lately, maybe this is showing the flaws in the Minnesota Nice I am surrounded by but, why in the heck can no one be honest with people.  Maybe its MN Nice or just one of the social groups I hang out with (and you know who you are) but people don't seem to be able to speak their mind on certain topics with people.  I even fall victim to this because there are things I want to say to certain people but I can't because I know they wouldn't take it that well or hate me forever, but when I am honest and speak my mind, at least I can be an honest friend to someone and not lie to their face by hiding behind a smiling face and not criticize them when they are making a huge mistake or just messing up in general.  But it bothers me when people take offense at honest thoughts, I don't get it.  Its just sad, I lied all the time as a kid but when I grow up and want to tell the truth all the time, then some of the people I surround myself with want to be lied to instead of being told the truth.

And some who know me would make the argument, “Adam you are just a rude person with very little tact and can't convey the truth in a loving manner.”  My answer to that gobbly-gook is when you tell the truth in a nice way, people tend to sugar coat and only tell half-truths, and I say to heck with that and be full on honest so people take note, pay attention and get the truth they deserve.

If you read this and thought this was really cryptic, you're actually right and to those who think this blog is about you, you are probably right as well.

Until next time...stay safe


Zach said...

Awesome blog, I've totally been feeling the same way about relationships lately.. Like as weird as this might sound, my best friends are a married couple. But they are my age. And I tend to hang with them A Lot, which is all fun and all, but just the fact that they are married and seem to "have it all together" just makes you feel inferior.
But with me having a relationship, I actually just asked a girl out on a "fun date" last night, I haven't been on an actual date in say 2 years. Only because I believe that if I get into relationship, that it'll hold me back from doing sooo much, only cause I know how my last relationship went. So I tend to not even try and pursue having a relationship.

Tristan H said...

Hm I think I agree with it too (relationships part) . I guess I dont know what MN Nice is, lol