Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoughts on the Brain and Dreams brought on by Inception

So I fell behind on my posting everyday but I will double post today to make up for it. Last night I saw Inception and after sleeping on it and thinking about it I want to free write about some of its logic and ideas it brings up.

If you havent seen the movie, it might be best not to read it as I don't really spoil much of the the movie but the post gives you an idea what the movie is about, and its best if you watch the movie with little knowledge about it as possible. But its up to you.

So the movie brings up logic about dreams and how the brain constructs entire cities out of nothing for your dreams and that it is difficult to remember the beginning of a dream and the brain can usually only remember the end of the dream and then that thought memory fades away. Dreams can be complex and feel like they are really long why is that? I feel our brains are doing so much more work while dreaming and why does it do it? Why not rest and actually go into a true sleep mode? Imagine if our computers did more work when they were off than while they were on, some of them would overheat and burn up and we wouldn't know what it is doing while it overheated.

And if you think about dreams in a movie making way, our brains are the best special effects artists of all, making you think your dreams are all too real. I know I have had a dream or too when I think its real, and wish it wasn't because of the circumstances I find myself in the dream. In the dream world, I have committed so many crimes and been in so much trouble its a good thing I don't remember most of the time what exactly I did, I usually just wake up and thank God it was all just dream because I wake up still having that lingering feeling of knowing I did something wrong or that I was in trouble, but at the same time it fades away because I am back in the real world, where everything is fine.

It is simply impressive that it is the year 2010 and we still have little understanding on how the brain works with dreams and why it does. I almost think that we are not supposed to know because if we did it might unlock more brainpower than ever possible before. If the brainpower possible while dreaming was achieved while awake the world would become a very different place and possibly a scary one to live in. Who knows what would be possible?

Don't think too hard on this one, it might just hurt a little.

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