Friday, November 12, 2010

I Think I Learned Something.... or How A Movie About Lesbians Helped Me Learn Why I Suck At Relationships

So tonight I watched the movie called The Four Faced Liar a movie about relationships and lesbianism. I really enjoyed it, definitely worth Netflixing, especially if your into the indie scene, its worked its way around the festival circuit and finally hit DVD for those of us who live in areas where the festivals aren't up to par. I know Minneapolis has a few film festivals but we never get the Indie films I really want to see.

Anyway I am not here to review the film, I am writing because the film made me realize why I am so horrible at my own personal relationships despite the fact friends have told me I give such good advice on relationships and how to handle them.

There is a scene in the film where the main lesbian, Bridget and her straight friend Molly are talking and Molly asks Bridget why doesn't she want a girlfriend, and Bridget responds with the fact that people don't keep her interested, and Molly asks Bridget what if someone kept you interested and Bridget responds with something along the lines of her policy of not having a girlfriend would change. This is so like me because I get bored of most people a lot of the time. This also struck me because people don't keep me interested, I have floated in and out of so many groups of friends over the years, I am shocked this didn't dawn on me sooner, or at least not the fact of putting all the pieces together. Even people I have dated have bored me after awhile and then it just ends, so I basically have to find someone who always keeps me interested which would basically be the female version of me, and I find that impossible because I have far too many quirks and weird nerdy interests that distract me from a developing a long lasting realationship.

This isn't me whining and complaining about being single, I still enjoy the single life, but I am just glad I now know that I either A have to be really picky in a girl to date so I don't get bored with them or B just wait for someone as cynical as me and who has opinion on films and not just one of those I like most films people, because no offense to those who are, but talking movies with them is impossible because they act as if very few bad films exist. That could get me on a whole other subject that would be bound to make everyone made because I would diss people and movies that people love for some reason that is far beyond me, maybe next time.

So in short, lesbians taught me that people bore me and thus I don't date people that long, whatevs

Until next time...stay safe.

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