Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Much Needed Apology

So I feel I have some explaining to do after my last post. I know people were hurt by it and I am truly sorry for offending or making you mad. That was totally not my intention. I was in a very ventful mood and was writing with not the most positive attitude and it certainly showed. The feelings expressed in the post were those from when my mind is in a dark place and when that happens I tend to just be mad at everything for no reason at all. I didn't have the most tact when thinking about making it public for the whole world. Even though I am trying to be real and honest in this vlog I have to keep in mind my words can still hurt those who I care about and I dont want to inflict any kind of pain whatsoever by this.

Eventually I want this blog to up positive and uplifting and clearly I am not doing a good job of that. I am in a very critical stage in my life on will affect it for awhile and this blog post certainly isnt helping that situation at all. But thank you to those who have shown encouragement despite my words may have enraged you or others. I hope that you continue to see what I post here and to stay in touch. Again I can't stress enough I sincerely apologize if I caused you any pain through my writings.


halfwitmer said...

It's very hard for you not to be one of my favorite people! I really appreciate your words here.

karlquick said...

Adam, this type of humility is rare and I really commend you for it. You are a good man.

Amber Lee said...

I am really touched by your apology Adam. I know what's going on in your life isn't easy and I'm praying for you not out of fear for the path but because we are friends. No matter what happens Adam, you have friends at the Rock. As Karl put it, you are a good man.

~Miss Raquel said...

I agree with karlquick - very well written apology, Adam.
By the way, I've heard of a church called The Rock in Oregon. Are we thinking of the same one?

~Miss Raquel